Max Koh, MBA
Project Manager
Anita Zou, B.Arch
Principal Consultant

About Us

Kojin was established to provide a unique solution for Feng Shui, Design and Planning Services. As the demand in society continues to rise in having a fusion of Feng Shui and design services in houses, apartments and offices, Kojin aspires to create an auspicious and tastefully designed living space.    read more

Formerly known as Kojin Contracts Pte Ltd, we have been a leading construction company in Singapore with more than twenty years experience, handling numerous well known projects such as the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Bird Park developments.

Kojin’s new scope focuses on design elements and detailed planning that embodies core Feng Shui principles. Our design philosophy is based on thorough and classical Feng Shui research, done in a progressive and methodical way to design any buildings and space auspiciously. Our Feng Shui analysis is endorsed by the Singapore Feng Shui Centre, a leading Feng Shui consultancy in Singapore, and our design team is led by Ms. Anita Zou, a Melbourne University architecture graduate and a Certified Feng Shui Master by the IFSA.

Kojin will design a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing home and space so that you will have more time to do what matters for you and your family.


Integrated Feng Shui and design approach that will result in a solution that is aesthetically superior with auspicious energy flow with the surrounding elements for maximum health and well-being for the occupants. Our services include:

+ Feng

Feng shui application is best done from the production of architectural blueprints. Our consultant team, in affiliation with Singapore Feng Shui Centre, has an integrated approach in Feng Shui and design to ensure your space has maximum visual comfort, practicality and auspicious energy, including site and orientation selections, room placements, structural services mapping and measurements just to name a few. Available in both residential and commercial projects.

+ Interior

With the right choice of furniture layouts, colours and textures you can maximise the auspicious energy of your completed property. There are so much to be done when it comes to feng shui and interior design together! Save your trip to a separate feng shui consultant as we can do it all at once here for the best result. Available in both residential and commercial projects.

+ Project

We provide a one stop service for your project management, which includes sourcing for engineers and contractors (procurements), project budgeting and supervision upon request.